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10 Reasons to Choose a Pedestal Fan Over Air Conditioning

The sun is beating down mercilessly, and you're sprawled out on your bed, feeling like a melting popsicle. You glance at your air conditioner with a longing sigh, but then you remember last month's electricity bill and wince. If you’re anything like the average middle-class Indian, you know that running...

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Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for Savings & Comfort

As the mercury rises and the Indian summer unleashes its scorching heat, our reliance on cooling devices, especially air conditioners, becomes paramount. While fans may seem like humble devices in terms of energy consumption, surprisingly, they account for almost 20% of household energy consumption. That’s why it’s so important to...

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One Mixer Grinder to Conquer Every Kitchen Task!

Working within the kitchen has grown into a breeze with all of the cool devices developed via science and era. From the kitchen sink to the juicer, mixer, and whisk, those home appliances have just taken the heat out of our day-by-day cooking routine. Let's face it, the word "kitchen" right away...

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Cool Down Fast (Top Online Table Fans to Beat the Heat)

Table fans have been around for years, but now people are jazzing them up with newer, fancy devices to save energy. The latest products feature high-tech, efficient performance and sleek looks, making them a snazzy choice for your space. The BLDC motor is another hot trend in fan tech, promising...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Iron Clothes

Clothes ironing is a centuries-old, tried-and-true custom. Ironing your garments is the best approach to give them a respectable appearance. Ironing can be used for a variety of purposes, such as removing wrinkles from shirts and jackets and restoring clothing that you had given up on. Ironing not only helps...

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Read this before you buy your Ceiling fan this season!

Imagine you are going to purchase a ceiling fan and you only consider the color, design, and price of the ceiling fans. Seems like you! Right? But do you know there are more attributes one must pay attention to? How Do Ceiling Fans Make You Feel Cooler? Ah, the summer heat!...

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